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copy and paste in Excel

When you are using Microsoft Excel 2007, you usually need to copy a part of the content to other location in the worksheet or copy to another worksheet, sometimes different workbook. You can do it easily by using the copy and paste function in Microsoft Excel 2007.

Let's open a blank worksheet (by now you should be able to do it by just opening Microsoft Excel 2007 or by clicking on Office Button and select New). We have to input some content into the worksheet before I could demonstrate the Copy and Paste functions to you. Let's just randomly key in "Copy" into cells from A1 to A10. Now you have a series of text "Copy". Say now you want to copy the whole series of text "Copy" to Cells D1 to D10.

Follow the simple steps as what I am going to show you now. Firstly select cell A1 to A10, then on your Keyboard, press Ctrl+C to copy the cells to the Clipboard. Alternatively you could put your cursor on the select area (A1 to A10), Right Click and select Copy, Or you could select Home-- >Clipboard-- >Copy.

You will find that the selected areas are now covered by dotted line (this is the indication that the area selected for copying). Next is move the cursor to cells D1 and press Enter (Alternatively you may want to Right Click on cell D1 and select Paste, or you could follow the path Home-- >Clipboard-- >Copy ), you will paste the content of A1 to A10 all the way to D1 to D10.

Copy and Paste functions are not only limited to text only, you can copy chart, formula, logical functions and any other features in Microsoft Excel 2007 to any location you prefer within Excel.

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